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If you are interested in studying Culinary Nutrition or want to get into Health Coaching, I have listed some of my completed training.

I have included links and brief overviews, but you are welcome to email if you have any additional questions.


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This training is very dear to my heart. Having realized that much of my weight loss (30kg) success was due to a significant mind shift in my personal beliefs and practices, my eating habits were, in fact, secondary. The course helped me understand how much my life story impacted my physical and mental state.

The training is an intensive eight months that digs deep into what we eat and who we are as eaters. The depth of understanding I gained from this is priceless and difficult to describe in a few paragraphs.

On successful graduation, you become a Mind-Body Coach or Eating Psychology Coach, depending on the regulations in your area.

IMPORTANT: The link takes you to the application page, where you will be required to complete a form. From there, you will receive an email, and someone will contact you to discuss the course further.


If you would like to look through the IPE website, find out more about the institute and access some of their free resources, then I recommend going directly to their website. Ther e are no affiliate links to this and you are welcome to contact them directly from their webpage:

If you have specific questions or would like to know more from a previous student, please feel free to email me:


The Academy of Culinary Nutrition helped me solve a huge problem – fear of the kitchen! Before doing the course, I had very little knowledge of using a kitchen effectively. I would not dare make a dish unless I had an exact step by step recipe to follow. I had tons of nutritional knowledge but battled to implement it.

After doing the course, I continued to create my recipes, run my classes, and be an accredited Culinary Nutrition Trainer with the Academy.

In their words, this fantastic 14-week program is:

This program serves to enhance prior professional training in natural health, or can serve as your introduction to it.

But, of course, not all graduates choose to become trainers; many use this training for self-growth, become food photographers, some have created product lines, and the list goes on.

On successful graduation, you become a Culinary Nutrition Expert.

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IIN is the world’s largest health coaching and nutrition school that has been around for nearly 30 years. You can opt to do the course over six months (intensive) or one year. I chose this course to round up what I had already learnt.

Although the IIN course overlapped with the healthy living and eating studies I had previously done, it did not feel like a duplication. IIN offers a database rich in resources across many topics. Again, a lot to be said about this training that a few paragraphs won’t do justice to.

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