2020 is the year for home cooks – everyone’s doing it! Well maybe not everyone, and maybe cook is a strong word. With all the sourdough and banana bread pics on social media, perhaps home bakers is a better word, (just saying). Regardless of whether you plan to use your apron as a cape or […]

The festive season is often associated with excess. Too much food, drink, spending – you name it we tend to go to the max. Probably why it’s also referred to as the silly season. If you are trying to reduce on waste and go the eco-friendly root, this can be an incredibly challenging time. Shops and online […]

You may have noticed a logo in the footer of my webpage saying ‘The Ethical Move” and wondered what it’s all about. Well, instead of you guessing, I thought I should take some time and tell you a little about it, as it is very important to me. In their own words The Ethical Move […]

So I have been raving about this recipe to a few people and gotten a very similar reaction from all of them, which sort of goes like this – ‘Huh!?!’ This is closely followed by – ‘you put what in it?’ (Seriously, it does seem crazy, but bear with me, it is worth it – […]

Inflammation is at the root of many diseases, yet often overlooked when dealing with the management or treatment plan of a condition. Another aspect that gets overlooked is diet. But, before we look at how food can help reduce that nasty inflammation, lets first define inflammation. There are two primary types: Acute meaning short, sudden, […]