Is chocolate healthy or not? Oh, if only I could shout a definitive YES! Wouldn’t that be awesome? But to answer you correctly, I would have to ask that when you say chocolate, what do you mean? Chocolate meant something […]

Desserts and treats should always be kept to a minimum and if possible make them yourself. That way you know what’s in them and don’t have to worry about any unnecessary ingredients. This recipe uses just 2 ingredients – honey…

Previously we looked into how bees made honey and some environmental issues. It was clear that honey is not without some controversy. However available and commonplace it seems to be across the world, it is something that we need […]

various tubs of honey

During my workshops, I often hear fascinating discussions around certain foods. Usually as a result of a recent expose, show or book. Unfortunately, as is the norm, the information is often conflicting. This either creates debate or, in most cases, […]

I am often asked whether vitamin supplements are nothing but expensive Vitamin Pee? Unfortunately, it’s a good question but does not have a simple yes or no answer. It was also a question I struggled with for